This process has been used on many different HP pocket pcs that contain a filestore running Windows Mobile 3003 and 2003SE. This is an unofficial process and you use this process at your own risk. This process allows you to fix your PDA even if you cannot enter the operating system. It allows the device to get far enough to semi sync with ActiveSync and so allows you to use the filestore fix.

I have taken along time over this process and so if you can link to these pages rather then copying the process it would be much appreciated. If you do use it make sure you credit me (RICOUK) on the forum. Email me for any quieries about the process.

You can get the correct ROM images from the ROM Images page.

The Process

1. Take out any storage cards. (Very important)
2. Carry out normal hard reset (Calendar, iTask and soft reset buttons)
3. During the progress bar you need to carry out an alternative hard reset which involves pressing the Power button, All 4 application buttons and the soft reset button (this is very tricky on your own and requires a lot of practice, you will not get it the first time and so repeating step 2 onwards will be necessary)
4. Hold down all the buttons and keep them pressed until a screen without the progress bar appears. You can then let go.
5. Attach it to your PC (not using a USB hub)
6. Carry out the steps here to install the German ROM and then the English ROM.

You can carry out these steps with an SD card in as long as it has the ROM image you want to install. However, when you have the problem I described, it does not except the ROM images for some reason and so no SD card should be inserted to stop it searching.

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