This process has been used on many different HP pocket pcs that contain a filestore running Windows Mobile 3003 and 2003SE. This is an unofficial process and you use this process at your own risk.

I have taken along time over this process and so if you can link to these pages rather then copying the process it would be much appreciated. If you do use it make sure you credit me (RICOUK) on the forum. Email me for any quieries about the process.

You must read this if you are not fixing an English RX3715.
(As I have an RX3715 I have done the fix to that device, so, for people with other devices and other languages you need to check the names of the .nbf files and alter accordinally. Also, replace the language ROM preinstalled on your PDA with the English ROM I have mentioned and replace the German ROM with the language you want to install onto your PDA.
For example, you PDA is in Spanish so when I am talking about the Enlish ROM, refer to the Spanish ROM. If you then have the French ROM to use as the fix, when I am talking about the German ROM, refer to the French ROM instead. Simple!

If you are trying this patch with a different model other than an RX3715 then the complete .nbf file names will be different and you will have to take this into account. I have also not tested it on any other device so it is totally up to you whether to do it or not. However, I have helped many people successfully to carry this out on numerous devices.)

You can get the correct ROM images from the ROM Images page.

The Process

1. Download the latest English and German ROMs from the links above.
2. Unpack both.
3. Make copies of the unpacked English and German ROMs.
4. With the original German ROM folder, rename "d2b10111go.nbf" to "d2b10111uo.nbf".

You should end up with a filestructure with SP29770 Ger, SP29770 Ger E, SP29773 Eng, SP29773 Eng E and SP29773 Original, the E folders contains the converted language .nbf file, this makes it easier for later use. The original folder just contains both languages original .nbf file just in case of any accidental deletion or overwriting. Picture
5. Run "ROMUpdateUtility.exe" in the original English ROM folder.
6. On the screen just before proceeding with the ROM update (Picture) copy the renamed "d2b10111uo.nbf" from the original German ROM and overwrite the "d2b10111uo.nbf" in the original English ROM. Picture
7. Proceed with the ROM update.
8. It will take a very long time to start and longer than normal at 90% but be patient. Picture
9. Now you have a German pda. Check that the filestore is now fixed by deleteting the backup folder in the filestore and/or running the format filestore found under settings (use the icons to direct you if you can't read German).
10. If it works you now need to install the English ROM back again we need to trick the ROM update again.

11. You can now delete the two original unpacked English and German ROMs just leaving the copies of them. (This is purely to make it easier and I will refer to them as just the English and German ROMs).
12. With the English ROM, rename "d2b10111uo.nbf" to "d2b10111go.nbf".
13. Run "ROMUpdateUtility.exe" under the German ROM folder.
14. After all of the checks and just before proceeding with the update (Picture) copy the "d2b10111go.nbf" from the English ROM and overwrite the "d2b10111go.nbf" in the German ROM. Picture
15. Proceed with the ROM update. Again, it will take a very long time but be patient. Picture
16. Run the format filestore program found under settings just to make sure it is fixed.
17. Now you are back in English with a fixed filestore.
18. Enjoy!

There are more images in the gallery showing each screen with a ring around the button that should be pressed to continue.

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