• File Move - Updated - A program that moves files from one directory to another. It has an automatic feature so you can run the program file and it will compare and move files automatically. This was created for media centre computers where a remote can be used to execute the program and no other input is required.(One known limitation is that it cannot deal with files of the same name, it will simply just overwrite.) Download
  • Mouse Move - A program that removes the mouse pointer from sight at startup. It is useful for media centre computers where the pointer gets in the way. Any resolution is supported. Simply set your resolution and it will do the rest. Download
  • Notes - Similar to Notepad on Windows but has a list of all your notes for easy access. You can also print off your notes. (I have stopepd developing this as Notes RTF is better) Download
  • Notes RTF - The same as Notes but using the RTF file format so the text can be altered with colour, font type and font size.(a feww known problems which need fixing.) Download
  • Random - A very small application that picks a random number from a user selected range. Download

    Please email me with your opinions of my applications, thank you.
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